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About Dmoz Listing Checker

This tool for SEO analysis checks DMOZ listing of a website and is available online for free. Even if you are a novice, this tool allows you to conduct in depth SEO analysis like a professional and delivers results regularly. DMOZ listing is considered to be essential for any website to appear high in the SEO rankings. This tool is very efficient as it can quickly run a check and tell if your website is listed in the DMOZ directory. You can easily install this tool with the help of a short code.

Why is it important to use DMOZ listing checker tool?

One of the main reasons why you need to check the DMOZ listing of your website is because it is very important to get your website or blog listed into the DMOZ directory. It is also called as open directory project and is considered as quite essential for your website to be listed. While submitting your website to the DMOZ directory, you need to make sure that correct category is picked otherwise chances of getting penalized becomes higher. In order to avoid this scenario make sure to carefully check every detail such as category, options and finally choose the best place for directory submission. Google always consider DMOZ as one of the most important source for directory. Another most interesting aspect of this entire directory submission is that Google’s own directory is based on DMOZ directory.

We offer the best DMOZ listing checker tool

The best thing about the DMOZ listing checker tool offered by NetFlic SEO Tools is that it can be easily installed. All you need to do is to enter the URL and the details whether your website is listed on to the DMOZ directory or not are presented in front of your screen. We have made sure that while using this tool, you do not face any difficulties and hence before launching this tool we have tested everything in detail. In fact our team of highly skilled web developers has considered every possibility so that performance oriented results can be achieved. We also want to make sure that your valuable time is saved and hence as soon as you enter your website details into this tool the details are immediately flashed in front of your screen. You can also enter up to 20 URLs at a single time and save more time. Once you become aware about the correct status of your website or blog, you become better equipped to handle your SEO campaign. You must give this SEO tool a try and enjoy its benefits.

Advantages of checking your website’s DMOZ listing

  • The foremost benefit of checking your website’s DMOZ listing is that it helps you to determine whether you can proceed ahead with your SEO campaign or not.

  • Once you get valid information against the website entered, you can move ahead and implement other strategies that you have marked for your campaign.

  • Another important point to keep in mind is to have patience. It takes some time for the final approval for directory submission.

  • One of the main advantages of DMOZ listing is that it promotes quality linking. It is always good to have one quality link for your website rather than 200+ links from unreliable sources. Google is going to appreciate your website’s DMOZ listing and will reward your website with higher rankings.

  • All this can prove to be great for your online business as you would be able to generate enough online traffic for your website and finally convert into meaningful profit and revenue.