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About Domain Age Checker

Check out what is the age of your domain. From whom you have bought the domain will be also available in the data generator. When the domain authority is expiring? When is your next renewal date? Everything that is essential, will act as a reminder to keep your website and blog refreshed over a long time and let it enjoy a better Google rank. Give a try to this tool now.

Why is it important to check the domain’s age?

One of the main reasons why is it important to check the domain’s age is because it helps you determine the correct age and by buying an aged domain with high traffic can help you attain higher search engine rankings. Major search engines such as Google and Bing always consider the age of the domain as one of the most crucial factors. Moreover, if you love to buy and sell domains then also you may need to check the correct age of the domain. There are several domain age checking tools that are available across the internet and you need to make sure that only the reliable ones are used. Consider this as necessary for accurate results. A slight deviation may lead to an error and can cause you loss.

Our domain age checking tool delivers exceptional results

Solid SEO Tools always believe in providing their clients with the best tools and domain age checker is one such tool. With the help of this tool you can easily check the correct age of the domain that you might be interested to buy or sell. Apart from correct domain age, you would also be able to determine the expiry date as well as next renewal date. We understand this fact very well that it is very difficult to remember the expiry date of your domain and if the same is renewed on time then there is a risk of website being sold to somebody else. Hence, if you want to make sure that you enjoy working on your website for a longer period of time then use this amazing domain age checking tool offered by us. We always try our best and make sure that a reliable and user friendly tool is delivered to our clients. This tool offered by is quite fast and deliver results in seconds. As a result you are able to save loads of time and are also able to concentrate on your core online marketing activities that includes search engine optimization as well as social media optimization.

You must keep checking domain’s age and enjoy several benefits

There are thousands of website buyers and sellers who love to buy and sell domains. They buy a particular domain at a nominal rate and then sell that particular domain for a decent profit. This is called as website flipping and is turning out to be one of the most lucrative online business strategies. Apart from online flipping experts, there are several SEO experts as well who use this domain age checking tools for their SEO campaign. If you are planning to buy a particular domain for your website or blog and wish to check the age of that domain then use the domain checker tool offered by the NetFlic SEO Tools. Not only you would be able to get the correct age of the domain but would also be able to get the correct expiry date of the domain.