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About PageRank Checker

It is important to know how Google ranks your performance and for that, you need to know the PageRank of your website of blog. What you need to do is simply paste your website link and click on get page rank button. At our NetFlic SEO Tools, you will find a powerful Google page rank checker tool that will enable you to check 100 URL page rank at a time.

Why Page Rank Checker is important?

One of the main reasons why you need to check the rank of your website page is because it is one of the best ways to analyze your performance. After putting in lot of efforts such as on-page optimization, off-page optimization, online marketing and advertising you need to check whether the efforts put on by you are bearing any fruit or not. Hence, with the help of this amazing page rank checker tool, you can easily check the page rank of your blog as well as website. Higher the page rank means higher is the chance of getting ranked at an appropriate place across the search engine rankings. Another main benefit of using this Page Rank Checker tool is that it will help you to make informed decision while purchasing a used website. Not only this saves time but also the precious hard earned money that you are going to spend while purchasing the used website or domain.

Why to use our tool?

The foremost important reason why you should use our Page Rank Checker tool is because you can check 100 URLs at a time. All you need to do is to enter these URLs and place them on a separate line. After entering the URLs, you need to click on the ‘Get Page Rank’ button and the details will be presented in front of your screen within few seconds. We always made sure best SEO tools are showcased for our visitors. NetFlic SEO Tools also believes in offering performance oriented SEO tools that are capable of delivering effective results and that too in a shorter time frame. We understand this criticality that time is the most important aspect and hence we always make sure that less time consuming tools are developed. This tool can also be used for checking the PageRank of a website that you are planning to buy. There are few people who try to spoof the PageRank and want to mislead you. But with the help of this amazing Page Rank Checker tool, you can save yourself from getting duped.

Amazing tips and benefits of using page rank checker tool

You must know this fact that PageRank actually means the quality as well as quantity of the links pointing towards your website. If you have high quality links pointed then it means your website will have a higher PageRank and if you have low quality links pointed then it means your website might be devoid of higher search engine rankings. Hence, the foremost important thing to follow is to make sure that high traffic, relevant and genuine website links are connected to your website. Another important point that you should always keep in mind is to make sure that the entire set of instructions laid by Google are followed. There are few more important tips that can be followed such as guest postings, writing content for big news websites, connecting your website to Wikipedia and using of recognizable and good directories.